2016 Astrologer Economist Meeting

Foresight 2020 – May 2015

Pleased to announce our next special meeting for max. six persons to attend our astro / futurist / macro economics / geo-politics event. Date: 18-21 February 2016. 6 persons max. Fee 4,500 Euro per person. Group discount 20% agreeable. Use service page to book your space early. See below a brief talk testimony with a visitor. Contact St.Clair

Foresight 2020 – Catalonia Meeting Feedback

St.Clair’s – Radiant Zones Network – presentation for the May 2015 Scorpio Moon International meeting. Presentations were given by gold expert Egon von Greyerz, astrologer Ray Merriman and German astrologer Antonia Langsdorf. This short introduction by a participant at the four day meeting, in this beautiful Mediterranean setting, sets the stage for a coming series of new videos including relaxed presentations in astrology and finance.

Foresight 2020 – Antonia Langsdorf Talks Future Trends

During the Catalonia Foresight 2020 Meeting hosted by Michael St:Clair a Future Trends & Cosmic Cycles talk was given by Astrologer Antonia Langsdorf presenting a unique and expert view on the influence of “Future Cosmic Cycles” of our time. Antonia shares her research of key [historic] astrological cycles and her in-depth understanding of how the Crisis Cycles [as she calls them] or Cardinal Cycles relate to the times we are in now.

Meeting Party StC Egon Johnny

Above – left to right: M. St.Clair, Egon von Greyerz & Johnny Mellgren – at Tiffany Hoare’s garden party after the first talks.

FORESiGHT 2020 – Conference with St.Clair

In May 2015, a dozen world renown experts in macro economics (gold, world affairs, former intelligence service professionals, technology entrepreneurs), and experts in financial astrology met with St.Clair’s Radiant Zones Network team in Catalonia, to discuss the present and future situations of our planet ahead.

Few days ago, we ended the most memorable encounter with 17 persons in Catalonia, among them were the German star astrologer lady Antonia Langsdorf, astrologers Ralfee Finn & Barbara Goldsmith, the world famous financial astrologer Raymond Merriman and the world’s foremost gold expert & economist, Swiss advisor Egon von Greyerz, who called it a magical moment.

Meeting St.Clair & Antonia 5.9.15

German astrologer Antonia Langsdorf & Michael St.Clair


Meeting StC Ray Pool Crop

Financial astrologer Raymond Merriman & Michael St.Clair

In attendance were many of my best clients (entrepreneurs, executives and venture capitalists) – as well as a couple of advanced students of Mr. Merriman, traders who completed his MMTA academy studies.

Present was also the former US Army Aide of President Ronald Reagan, who said this stellar private meeting was in a class of its own, and he attended many seminars in his life. He said to the others that “St.Clair is a hard task master but he feeds us well.” He shared with me, in private when I was alone with him, some astounding stories of his years around the exceptional Aquarius President he had the honor to serve. Those I cannot share here.

Photos show some of the high level energetic atmosphere we were in, and you see a true radiant zone at work. Many longer videos will be shared soon to show what was discussed. We had a mysterious round table meeting with many intense debates, lasting four days & nights, where the most advanced issues were addressed.


I explained also the “secret space program” of the USA and its black projects plus market manipulations, algorithms, which stunned some economists and participants present. The missing trillions had to be used somewhere, right? We had extremely lively Q & A talks, some of which were taped with the agreement of all present. The exchanges were exquisite.

Yes, I gave many detail intelligence services based presentations (classified important issues) about what I see ahead, what is also going on now, with Russian intel etc. and we discussed what I brought up. Very few could keep up with my team. We were also advised by many astrologers in attendance. Computers and charts were running at high speed, to the amazement of many participants.

We published a special booklet for this event which every attendant had been advised to study before coming to meet my ground crew. Scorpio Moon Narratives Revealed is available. You will need to understand it to meet me. Share if so inclined; SCO MOON NARRATiVES – REVEALED – by St.Clair

Most memorable was a taped talk I had with Egon von Greyerz who spoke to me not so much about gold and economy, but about Friendship, Love, Life, Giving, and why now is the only time we have to enjoy life, despite or because we know that times are challenging. Yes we live in interesting times now. It was my great honor to host these exceptional persons in an outstanding setting.

People who attended were in awe of everything they experienced and we hope to see them again. Maybe you come and join me next year for a similar experience. Our meetings are indeed “once in a life time” special events, and we do only one per year. The power we deployed in the awesome high energy power spot was appreciated by all who ever attended such events.

Meeting StC Sheila Johnny 5.8.15

St.Clair, Sheila Inman, Johnny Mellgren

I personally made presentations and diverse talks with the world leading experts. Johnny Mellgren (right in above photo) who initiated these meeting series with me in 2009, interviewed Egon von Greyerz on sensitive topics about gold, economy, and where all this is going.

Here are a mere 39 minutes of my introduction..

We explained to our guests that extra-terrestrial beings have indeed helped us to ramp up our technologies, and that Putin and his crew are master-minding a FULL SPECTRUM ALLIANCE with the FREE WORLD (China, India, Iran, and most of the 110 non aligned sovereign nations) to create a future Planetary Society of Peace. Few know what we discussed.

The other experts present were simply spellbound with the absolutely advanced and unique knowing we all shared. I asked many questions to Ray Merriman, about USA future, and we discussed who stands a chance to be the next US President. We said that Ed Snowden would be most likely elected if he runs. 😉

Indeed, we have several fantastic film documentaries to share next month with the world. I can say with calm confidence that there is no such film material available on the whole internet or anywhere else. This was simply exceptional. Stay tuned here on our blog or join the Radiant Zones Network – see our secure access page at top right!

Kiln StC Johnny conversation

Johnny & St.Clair comparing notes, while the guests are being entertained. To the right of Johnny is Reagan’s former Aide. Looking forward to sharing soon many hours of enhanced documentary film materials here with you, all produced, directed & shot by Zensu & Sheila Inman’s ground crew.

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Resurrections of JFK & RFK

On Good Friday 2015, Frank DeMarco for the first time published a “communication” he had in 2006 with the father of John F. Kennedy and Robert Francis Kennedy, who used to say: “Don’t get mad, get even!” As his father says to Frank from the other side, when you prepare revenge, dig two graves while at it. Instead of saying more, read this riveting enlightening account:


Frank DeMarco with Joseph P. Kennedy about life, how he felt while still alive about the assassinations of his super achiever boys. What it means, who he thinks did it, and much more. Gratitude to Frank DeMarco for sharing this unusual finding.


The German Wings story is by now descending into the realm of non-human sickness. Never in a million life times did I think that the Germans would get reeled in to cooperating on the cover-up of this mystery flight. Fact is there are NO bodies seen on the French footages of the crime scene. So to tell us on April 3rd 2015 that by now on day 11 they have identified all the bodies is simply beyond the pale of preposterous.

The more I look at footage from the French Ministry of Interior, top cops there, the more it gets evident that this plane was possibly empty to begin with, that the remote controlled descent of 18 minutes led the instrument into some sort of particle beam weapon type Scalar energy curtain, or some time portal a la CERN, or something very few physicists can explain.

It was not a hologram like during 9/11, or so I suppose, since we have the three Mirage wasps buzzing around it. This leaves now only the unexplained to explain it. I rather not have any part in this.



Ancient Chinese Saying:
Coming events cast their shadows before them.
山雨欲来风满楼 (shān yǔ yù lái fēng mǎn lóu)

For you who are interested in highest level “alternative” Astrology Arts – connected to how world E-Con-Omics work in reality with global affairs and all the rest of it, our seer Zensu and I have shared a masterful small PDF here with a few insiders globally. See if you like it. One hundred pages of what I would call a “different approach” to reality.

Study here – CLOSER TO THE STARS / by St.Clair, with a last few intense pages on true economics by Zensu master.

Copyright & Copyleft is clear to you, and herewith now in public domain to protect our futures, yours and mine, and everyone else’s. If you dare using any of this, you know the rules. You need to share ONLY the given PDF link. Nothing else! We trust you all understand the Laws of Karma beyond the copyright laws. Plus also you are aware of the Laws of Time in all this work.

Happy Good Friday to All Sentient Beings in and around this planet!

Michael St.Clair

April Fool? Not Really. Bravo Sierra.

1st April 2015

You knew I would come in on this day, right? This does not mean that what follows is some funny joke, although we have to use humor to approach the unapproachable. Some heavy duty month of March we had indeed… with the eclipse and everything else.

= As to the 4U German “clipped” Wings flight narratives… Who’d did it? And why? OK ‘ well, we hope you are paying attention. That is all I can say. Be very awake, aware and alive! In my private network we learn and share much more. Here I can only say few things, and quick. For safety reasons.


= My old Palm Beach friend, General / Ambassador Vernon Walters, author of his own riveting memoirs “SiLENT MiSSiONS” – a legend – he was fun, is known to have said to one of the many US Presidents he personally served, at some point:

– “Mr. President, you can’t pull this ‘con’ in a democracy.” –

Likewise I want to say to the President of France that it would be more suitable for his honor, and also a lot wiser on the whole, to opt this time for saying things as he knows by now they REALLY played out. I think the French and all others are adult enough to take a dose of reality.

Maybe Monsieur Hollande cannot yet share much because of the pressure he is under. Imagine for instance the Russians o Chinese had knowledge of the premeditated plans by listening in on some certain embassies etc. and they (or whoever, some white hats in the West) tipped off the French secret boys and said, look buddies you will have a bomb flying in on 24 March, get ready!

Then comes the missing many minutes, no contact, everyone sees the thing goes off the rails on the flight trackers. The French generals order their Mirages up to go execute and finish off what is required? Maybe for all we know the thing was headed to CERN (not so sure about that, seems irrelevant), or to the Lausanne Iran deal talks? Can you imagine those talks blowing up in smoke?

I don’t know, just saying. Vernon Walters would say… “Look, war is war.”

As the famous sayings go: “The Truth is Out There” or “Trust No One!”

We need to assess this whole episode in light of MH370/17 as a global IQ awareness test. Assume this is supposedly a riddle to find out who is aware and who is not. Some few relevant facts (while all the rest are side shows of side shows, or a puzzle built on lies upon lies..)

= We already have several higher ranking French military officers confirming elegantly that what some ground witnesses stated is accurate testimony – as best as they can recall things, and it looks indeed like the 4U plane was either shot by one or more Mirage fighter jets seen, or escorted into the wall. Why? Not gonna tell you this here, but we have our ideas…

How so.. figure out what the Heli pilot of the French Air Force based in Orange stated: He said many things and he also confirmed that debris was found upstream from the crash site – which he said confirmed the fact that the piece of fuselage had “been detached from the aircraft before impact”. “The search zone is
quite localised, but a piece has been found upstream, which is a bit

Source is IB Times on 24 March, see Explosion & Smoke This is from day 1.
We are now on Day 9. All this happened into the eclipse shadow of 20 March 2015.

No pun intended, but this looks like the joke of “Heads or Tails?” You can’t make it up.

Why you think he feels this is “unsettling” – and shares his tech wisdom while at it, and with us all, by implying the witnesses indeed heard “it” before impact? While they saw the Mirage jets swarm the German plane like wasps? Explosion and smoke. This is a bull’s eye. This helicopter pilot testimony undercuts all the BS they try to serve up now. He stated it all on Day 1.

Or I ask you this… How do you get a piece of fuselage to go upstream of its own plane zooming in at about 800km/h? BEFORE impact? Via a worm hole or what? In short, this officer is warning all his superiors and the public who has a clue.

The idea is that by Summer 2015, after retrograde Mercury, we may know more. Right now the higher ranking officers are assessing the damage of the psy op. Some times we have to wait patiently for things to play out. The Germans in this may look rather outnumbered by the time we are done with this op / and then we will be addressing the media landscape.

LOOK now and pay attention all out there and share this. The famous and legendary General and Ambassador Vernon Walters said: “Mr President, you can’t pull this CON on a democracy!”

Figure it out! Some one told the Mirage boys to do “it”. Why? Ha. That is above top secret and only accessible to an UNRESTRICTED & NEW MIND. The old brain will never get it.

= On the optimistic note… gotta stay upbeat here. Moving into Spring / Summer 2015, things ought to calm down, and time can be used productively to create new futures at many levels right now.

= Iran is on its way to join our world again. Welcome Persia! Turkey gives the nod to Russia’s guidance and protection. China helps South America. Russia was asked to help Central America. Half of Europe – including the “special” ally UK – is applying for membership with China’s AIIB super bank.

Good bye Dollar, good bye America! General Walters would faint if saw this. General Alexander Haig, my other deceased buddy, he would say to me, as he did indeed: “Trust No One!”

Recall Haig? The 18 minutes missing Nixon tape, the sinister force which breeds paranoia in the Ovarian Office? Guess what, this is a special nugget of golden truth: Segolene Royal, the mother of the four children of the French President, she is now transport minister of France, well she says the operation was not eight minutes off the tracker, but EiGHTEEN minutes. No one pays any attention…

Ah well… This operation has gone way OFF the rails by now in 9 days. April the 1st.

God created the world in 6 days, and Stanley Kubrick sent the whole garbage back to the drawing board on the seventh day, and said, I need a better one. New Script please…

Keep smiling buddies, we win this 😉

And meanwhile, in the land of the free and brave fools, they launched Operation JADE HELM – you can’t make this BS up. Good luck to our friends and partners… You have to always see the humor in all of it.

= Things are changing fast now, since Jupiter & Uranus are turning the tide finally after years of rather extreme duress in this world. Like I said in my last posting, Greece is approaching Russia after having understood there is little time to waste and no point in dealing with a museum called EU.

Things are looking up! Things will get WAY better very soon for everyone who stays aware awake and alive. Stay tuned here for our May meeting videos and more, in May and / or June! Change is afoot. Why don’t we change? Change involves change. Right? Or as Apollo 11 legend Buzz Aldrin once said in some funny documentary…

“You either change, or you die.”

+ Among legendary pilots like the great John Lear, we look at this world narrative, and all the stories these media fools serve us, and we wonder if people are asleep at the wheel… and so we use humor laden pilot code. All I can say is this as a hint:

“Bravo Sierra” – meaning.. please use discernment to spot the “BS” narratives…
Bravo Sierra.

You want something fun and interesting to watch?
OK, check this out, it is indeed a classic. 52 min.

This is a great work of art, enjoy it! Teaches discernment…

For more… Use our secure access,
top right! Happy Easter Egg Hunt! Radiant Zones Network – Fee; 2,000 Euro.

Next up is Libra Lunar (full moon) eclipse on 4.4.2015 opposite Sun & Uranus.
Or enlightening. This is a short but very obviously electrifying moment ahead.

Truth or Dare. Saturn treks back to the last position in Scorpio. The DEEP GAME!

Feel free to share my open blog posts. Best wish, Michael St.Clair. April 1st, 2015

CELTIC NEW YEAR / Divine Long Count

1st Equinox Eclipse since 1662 at 30 Pisces.
Rarest event seen over the ancient Druid Lands.

The message: Envision joint & shared prosperity !
This looks very hopeful for a new & better Europe…

(Impact time line until May 2019, due to 4+ hrs duration.)

This eclipse closes what started in March 2009,
and heralds echoes into 2022 Saturn / Neptune

At the moment of the fullest point, three points in news;

1. Dutch prosecutors refute with absolute certainty the ground missile lies.
Indeed it was not a BUK ground missile that took down MH17.

2. EU leaders divide over anti Russia sanctions,
therefore NO more automatic renewal of collective economic suicide.

3. Putin proposes Currency Union to Belarus & Kazakhstan

2015. This equinox eclipse was so powerful in the sense of long lasting, that it overshadows for sure the time into May 2019, four years on. There is more. We know that Neptune & Saturn will meet in that zone between 2022 and 2026 on numerous occasions, making this very important, so you see how long this stretch of time is in fact when we look at it in its larger scope. What happened around Vernal Equinox Eclipse will have repercussions well into the early and mid Twenties, 2025.

This means this moment ahead brings to a close things from 2009 which either ended / and or started then, and heralds things to come into 2025 about. Now you can put all this over the geography, where it gets very complex, because we would need to see each eclipse pair (in 2011 there were even 4, though light versions) and its visibility localities, to see where the impact was and is the most.

Suffice it to say now that this 30 Pisces eclipse literally overshadowed the geographical channel from Svalbard North of Northern Scandinavia to between Iceland and Scotland down all the way to the Southern hemisphere. My view is essentially when fast forwarded that all this will have an impact on how the world moves on now into these times ahead, say a whole decade, ten years from now.

– Michael St.Clair
2015 March Spring Equinox

New Mind of The Future

The Eclipse of the Mind is on now! Eclipse = Equinox. Very rare.

In 2013, in the midst of the Uranus / Pluto square configuration where advanced Aries technology meets the Capricorn controller, Dr. Michio Kaku – famed and foremost theoretical physics genius – released his book: The Future of The Mind.

Do look into his work The Future of The Mind and find out where we are going RIGHT now. It is right there now in between our own Spock ears. In his much praised and extremely thrilling book about the next frontiers of our innate abilities, where he explores telepathy scientifically, and many more fascinating issues, he confirms many points we made in the book Light-Seeds – Futures of Planet Earth, in 2007.

Eight years ago our own work was received very well, and I was deemed a rather speculative if not dreamy kind of guy. Born with Mercury in Pisces, actually I know things, and like Carl Jung, I can’t just say everything I know at any time. It might not yet be timely enough. But I share some of it at times, when I feel it is an appropriate moment.

It is always interesting to see when the super geniuses confirm later that our ideas were not off the wall, but in the bull’s eye ball park. Maybe we can now ask Mr. Spock via Dr. Kaku what the future holds? It is said (by Frank DeMarco) that we can discuss things with anyone we feel close to even and particularly after they leave this beautiful planet, like say we can talk to Carl G. Jung, or Krishnamurti, and so why not with Mr. Spock. You see Dr. Michio salutes us with the ubiquitous Vulcan salute!



On the mundane side of things…
well, it is looking very promising indeed – as I predicted.

We have seen the Ides of March come and go, we have learned that master Putin shared with the world his experiencer’s view and witness recollection of what went down one year ago, and we see that he has invited the young Greek Leo born leader for a friendly meeting in Moscow on 8 April.

This is like deja-vu. Hopefully the world pays attention this time. It looks like Moscow has been given the green light again for Putin to go back to work there, he never liked it there too much to begin with, now we know why. So Greece can safely send in its leader. Well.. this is where Ulysses meets his match! Soon Mr. Tsipras will have made the rounds of all the heads of states he needs to work with, and he will know instantly who is real and who is fake.

The timing of Putin’s is as usual impeccable. I wonder if the Kremlin has a few astrologers on hand also? Probably he is guided by inner direct knowing as to where and when to be and not to be, and what to do, with whom, etc.

We are now moving into a sharp solar eclipse in the final last degree of Pisces, cusp to Aries. The North Node at 10 Libra, still in Putin’s birth Sun area. Alpha Omega zone. 20 March 2015 at 09:37 UT time. UT is London to make it easy. The Sabian symbol of 30 degrees Pisces is hugely mysterious and yet simple to read, ponder it slowly:

“A Majestic Rock Formation Resembling A Face Is Idealized By A Boy Who Takes It As His Ideal Of Greatness, And As He Grows Up, Begins To Look Like It.”

So this goes to the idea that we can do unusual things during the days and weeks and years ahead. Years? Because this eclipse has a very far out reach into 2019. It is archetypal in nature language, almost Carl Jung style, and entails sophisticated navigational skills. The notion of time travel comes to mind.

So this to say that all this is in a sense a super highly advanced eclipse of a rare kind – due mainly also to what else is piled up in Pisces and Aries, and the path of the event is covering basically the stretch between Scotland and Iceland. The event lasts over FOUR hours and the ancient masters said you know that it means thus that the effects will be seen for FOUR years where the eclipse is felt the most.

You see if it is cloudy you cant see it, but I can guarantee you that we all will feel it, if we take some time out to experience the astronomical precision clicking in. Neptune loads Mercury with surround sound vision and everything becomes completely “psychic” or available to all at once everywhere, like an act of early ubiquity.

In a most uncanny and timely manner, Putin ends his grand Arctic exercises on the day after the eclipse, on Celtic New Year. I am sure his submarines will be cruising in the band width of the eclipse… and I say, let the “others” try and find the black holes. That’s the nick name the new Russian subs have. The Russian sense of humor is priceless.

Someone has to make sure the Arctic remains accessible to the friendly ETs… and he volunteered to do just that. Many future resources will be found there. Maybe they will find an ancient or future city rising from under the ice when that melts off next year.

20 / 21 March 2015 depending time zone – Eclipse & Equinox are thus one and the same. Time to turn the page and look at a blank slate. Start anew is a good idea now. Krishnamurti would remind us that since we seem to fear both the known and the unknown, the best advice would be we change ourselves. We could find out who we are before we wonder about things we don’t know how to approach. The astrology speaks to us about the unknown, and about the power we have between our ears…

On a nostalgic note, 50 years ago today, 18 March 1965, and I recall it as I was then only a 6 year old kiddo, Alexey Leonov became the first human being to float in space, tethered behind his craft. Insane stuff they did then. Now here is really someone of great importance, who remembers what astrology means when you experience its reality up close and personal.

He was awed by the spatial dynamics and struck by silence, hearing only his breath – yes the famous breath of his, which Kubrick later used in his famous 2001 Space Odyssey. The Russians have enormous courage when you think of it. Priceless. Here is his total recall at RT: Struck By Silence – with many original videos in this link. Salute to you Sir! You were literally out of this world.


In April we can look into the Fool’s Day and the lunar eclipse, and find out how the meeting between Tsipras and Putin went. Perhaps they sign a little deal? In May my friends and I hold a special meeting with some of the most advanced economists, gold experts, and world leading astrologers. Maybe we will share something, if we find something… possibly we will have solved all the world’s problems by then 😉

If you like to know more, subscribe to our network at RZN! Wishing you good navigation.

Live Long & Prosper, Mr. Spock!

Very rare that I would dedicate a whole essay / posting to one human being.


But this is different, this one was a hybrid, half human, and “half past human” (Salute also to Clif High!), really very much advanced benevolent ET like. Not from here, to be sure. But maybe also not from OUT THERE completely either! He had balance.

Leonard Nimoy left planet Earth at the same moment I turned 56, which made me pensive I admit, to say the least, very pensive. Like for you, or for most of you, he was a childhood hero to me, in the sense of inspiration. The things he uttered had left a deep mark on the mind of a toddler boy in the 1960ies.

It still always brings up the question as to why StarTrek was canned? Not going to dwell on that.

Extremely rare that someone can capture the whole planet for ages by his mere presence. “The Presence” as described by Krishnamurti student Zensu in her works, is something we discussed also in my book LIGHT-SEEDS. It has a mix of super natural at best, or paranormal at base level. This stuff scares most folks, so I won’t dwell on it either.

You will often see people who are not at home here, maybe you yourself also do not feel like you really are from here, nor do you think that you fit too well in here. That is maybe why you still read my work? Then again, many billions of folks are really from here, and their issue is that they don’t mind messing up their home base.

So you have different forces here. Those from here who mess up their home, and those of us not from here, who feel trapped here and abandoned by our friends out there. Well, sages say that we signed up for this mission volitionally. Meaning we knew full well what this would entail, when we decided to come and be born here on this planet. Still, at some point there has to be a change. Those who want to stay here can stay here, and those not from here could leave?

As you know from my book, I am in the category of the fewer who are not from here. I am in a minority, to say in in plain English clear text. Totally 110% not from here, maybe also hybrid, but from other races, perhaps Nordic, combined with a bit of Sirian and a few other genes, perhaps from elsewhere. But not from here.

It is so that people “not from here” are valuable “assets” to this planet in some way, and to those who left them here, but lately they have to take a low profile, because they will be probably blamed for things that will happen on this planet, just because they warned about it. And if things go the way Doris Lessing described in her works “Shikasta” and “Sirian Experiments”, then you know what I mean. OK, but we won’t dwell on this point either.

To come back to Mr. Spock, Leonard Nimoy met the young Massachusetts Senator John F. Kennedy (a virtual unknown playboy then) when he Nimoy (completely unknown then also) picked him up at the Bel Air Hotel in LA sometime during the 1950ies. They had a sort of intense little chat in Nimoy’s cab, and the exchange possibly marked both men. Later, in 1962, Nimoy asked President JFK in a telegram to please not allow H bomb tests, which unfortunately went ahead anyway. Maybe JFK still got to see Nimoy transcended into Spock in 1963? This I am not certain about. But more likely JFK saw Spock again anyway later.

Spock / Nimoy was for real, more real than real, and more human than human also, to salute the Blade Runner fans… and in his “spare time” so to speak he would even write profound poetry. Here are two I liked a lot. He wrote:

I have walked alone seeking answers
I have lived alone chasing dreams
I have tried to prove my worth to worthless judges
I have cried my pain in silent screams
I have been sometimes served a touch of kindness
I have wandered in golden fields of Grace
I have been released by honest laughter
I have touched the Western Wall of the Holy place.
I have soared alone above the cloud heads
I have walked the deep dark tunnels of earth
I have dines with mystics and with prophets
I have heard the pain of woman giving birth
I have been sought after as a teacher
I have been refused the laurel wreath
I have heard the thunder blast of sunrise
I have watched the final touch of death
I have played the rules set by the master
Though often I didn’t understand the game
I have worn more masks than I can remember
I have been a face without a name
And when like you I ask the final question
Who on earth am I supposed to be
I always come full circle to the answer, me, only me…always me.

– Leonard Nimoy


Pictures of You
– Leonard Nimoy

You’re surrounded by pictures of you.
Here you are so young and handsome
Here you are with a wife or two
Here you are, so happy and then some
Surrounded by pictures of you.
Your walls are covered
No more space
Too bad, you’re such a pretty face
And so adored
Do you ever get bored
Looking at pictures of you ?
You’re hit with a spotlight from above
Your fans are screaming words of love
You’re always so busy
Don’t you get dizzy
Looking at pictures of you ?

More at Leonard Nimoy / Spock poetry

Like his buddy William Shatner / Capt Kirk, Leonard Nimoy Spock is Aries born. On March 26, 2015, Spock would have turned 84. Goat year Aries, like Shatner. No wonder the two are who they are together on screen forever.

We have many great birthdays up next in Aries, and William Shatner opens it up on 22 March after the eclipse equinox. Greek mystic game theory expert (temporarily now functioning as finance minister) Yanis Varoufakis, like Spock, on 26 March, or gold guru Jim Sinclair & seer Zensu on 27 March, etc. Salute also to colleague Chris Flisher, Aries astrologer. Now with Mars, Venus and Uranus in Aries, this is their time. To all my Aries friends, without whom I could not have done what I did, I say:

Live Long & Prosper!

(It is important we hang around, no leaving allowed until we are done here, ok, deal.)

This is a very bizarre, trick, volatile, time ahead, utterly edgy, uncertain, and really anything unexpected could happen to either derail the best laid plans, or to create a miracle, and I have seen both scenario cases manifest before. I thought Spock would stay here for the next 800 years, after all, we are designed to last that long. but then, the unplanned happens.

Be well!